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What is Gauswheel?

The ultimate alternative to bikes and skateboards, it’s a freestyle scooter and the most fun you’ll have on 2 wheels. Jump on and in no time you’ll be gliding and cutting edges on the pavement just like you would on the ski slopes. Combining the best of skateboarding and skiing, you’ll have a great workout as you push, glide and twist anywhere you dare to go.

We know great design inspires people of all ages so we made sure it could be used by both children and adults . We spent years sourcing the finest materials available on the market and made a product that could be pushed to the limit. Why? Because quality matters and we know that you will never influence the world by trying to be like it. It doesn’t matter if you’re age is 9 or 90, go ahead, choose a model that fits your personality and wheel on!


Awesome Features


Polycarbonate Polymer



20 Inch Standard Street Tire




Foam PU + Nylon Rim



2x2 Sealed Bearing System



Limited Assembly



Light Weight



Easy To Transport



Reliable Parts



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Mission Statement from Gauswheel Canada

The emergence of the Gauswheel dates back to the 1980’s when architect Andras Gonczey first came up with a unique idea.  The first prototype was assembled with one bike wheel and one shopping cart wheel.  After some years Andras collaborated with professional product...

International Scooter Association and Havoc Pro Scooters

On Saturday April 30th the International Scooter Association and Havoc Pro Scooters held its Western Canada Qualifier at Towncentre Skateboard Park in Coquitlam, BC. The event was outstanding, and certainly eye opening for those who have not yet been exposed to this...

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